Karine Bourdages defends her thesis!

Karine Bourdages, who completed part of her doctoral work in our lab at the Universite de Montreal, successfully defended her thesis on Friday March 2, at the U de M. Karine worked on cytokinesis in the vulval precursor cells of C. elegans, a truly in situ model of epithelial biogenesis. She published her work in PLoS1, and also published a review in Developmental Cell and contributed to a Methods in Cell Biology chapter. When Amy moved to UNC, she transferred into the lab of Mike Tyers, where she performed genome-wide CRISPR to determine the molecular underpinnings of mammalian cell size regulation. She contributed to a paper in Molecular and Cellular Biology, was awarded a Cole Foundation Fellowship, and generated results for forthcoming manuscripts. In a 2.5 hour public presentation and questioning session, Karine successfully defended her work on these two very different systems, and was awarded her PhD.