Amy presented two talks at ASCB

Amy was honored to present work entitled “Space-time-frequency Shape Mapping Reveals Harmonics in Contractile Oscillations during Cytokinesis” from co-authors Michael Werner, Dylan Ray, Coleman Breen, Adam Sattler, Paul Maddox, Florian Jug, and Sebastian Fürthauer. The progress of this work has also benefited from consultation by Hau-Tieng Wu and Ingrid Daubechies, our neighbors at Duke. Their abstract was selected for a Saturday Special-interest Subgroup on Machine Intelligence and Statistics in Cell Biology co-organized by Kwonmoo Lee (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Jean-Chrisophe Olivo-Marin (Institut Pasteur, France), and Assaf Zaritsky (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev). The work was also invited for a Scientific Workshop “From Single Molecules to Understanding of the Cellular Processes using Biophysical Methods” hosted by Chip Asbury (University of Washington), Ibrahim Cisse (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Martin Loose (IST Austria). Workshop speakers later bonded over an outstanding dinner.