Lab Members

Principal investigator

Post-docs and grad students

Undergraduate students

  • Bella Kosciusko
  • Kaitlyn Venevongsoth
  • John Wainwright

Former aMDX people and their current positions

Former postdocs

  • Jonas Dorn (currently: Digital development project leader, Novartis, Basel)
  • Nicolas Chartier (currently: industry)
  • Ben Lacroix (currently: CNRS permanent position, Inst. Jacques Monod, Paris)
  • Bedra Sharif (currently: research tech, Toronto General Research Institute)

Former graduate students

  • Jacques Boisvert (MSc student; currently: data scientist, Novartis Pharma AG)
  • Karine Bourdages (MSc & PhD student; currently: Clinical trials evaluator, Health Canada)
  • Raphaël Cautain (PhD student; CNRS permanent position; deceased)
  • Carlos Patino Descovich (MSc student; currently: UNC PhD student)
  • Sylvester Jusu (PhD student; currently: PhD student, McGill Univ.)
  • Thai-Hang Nguyen (MSc student; currently: practicing optometry)
  • Debabrata Paul (MSc student; currently: Bioinformatics MSc at U of Guelph)
  • Allyson Roberts (rotation student)
  • Kira Glynn (rotation student; currently: UNC PhD student)
  • Rachel Battaglia (rotation student; currently: UNC PhD student)
  • Melissa Plooster (rotation student; currently: UNC PhD student)
  • Jennifer Michelle Potter-Birriel (rotation student; currently: UNC PhD student)
  • David Lee (rotation student; currently: UNC PhD student)
  • Kathryn Rehain Bell (PhD student; currently, Fayetteville Tech instructor)

Former undergraduates

  • Larry Yang (undergrad and tech; currently in med school in St Louis)
  • Coleman Breen (undergrad and tech; currently in grad school at U-Wisconsin Madison)
  • Anusha Doshi (undergraduate researcher; currently in UNC med school)
  • Anjali Venkat
  • Sean Ryan (post-graduate researcher; currently in medical school)
  • Jazmine Nash (summer researcher; currently BME student at GA Tech)
  • Kristen Livengood (undergraduate researcher; currently: NC State Vet School)
  • Julie Reiff (undergraduate researcher; currently: Health Economics and Outcomes Analyst for Analysis Group in Boston, MA)
  • Young Jun Yun (undergraduate researcher)
  • Nick Britt (undergraduate researcher)
  • Adam Sattler (undergraduate researcher; currently: high school science teacher in Austin, TX)
  • Shilpa Kancharla (undergraduate researcher; currently: UNC undergraduate)
  • Daniel Edoh-Bedi (undergraduate researcher; currently: machine learning engineer at Clemex Technologies)

Former employees

  • Tanner Fadero (work-study researcher; currently: UNC PhD student)
  • Kishan Rana (work-study researcher)
  • Xiaohu Wan (post-doctoral research tech; currently: Johns Hopkins Chem & Biomol Engineering Asst. Prof.)
  • Lily Zhang (research tech, lab manager; currently: U of Montreal research officer)