Amy presents “tenure talk”

Amy is relieved to have completed the various hurdles involved with her application for tenure and promotion in UNC Biology this fall. She presented her seminar to a packed audience of cherished colleagues from Biology and the med school, and her parents! Biology Chair Vicki Bautch gave a very kind introduction, and many esteemed faculty members offered stimulating discussion points and questions after the talk.

Daniel and Michael are selected to present talks at ASCB!

Michael Werner and Daniel Cortes, the two postdoctoral fellows from the lab, have been selected to give talks at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, to take place in Philadelphia on Dec 2-6, 2017. Michael will speak about his work on novel cytokinetic ring dynamics in vivo. Daniel will present his agent-based modeling and quantitative imaging of contractile rings.

We renewed our NIGMS R01!

We are proud and excited to have renewed our NIH R01 grant entitled “Mechanisms of Cell Shape Change in Cytokinesis.” This funding will allow us to explore the molecular and mechanical mechanisms of time-delayed negative feedback in the actomyosin contractile cytoskeleton that underlie the dynamics we recently discovered, including speed oscillations. Current lab members Michael Werner, Daniel Cortes, and Katie Rehain-Bell contributed the preliminary results that made this proposal a success.


New cell biology training program at UNC: MiBio

As a member of the executive committee of MiBio, Amy Shaub Maddox, together with colleagues Dale Ramsden (Director), Ben Major and Jean Cook, is pleased to announce the funding of a new NIH T32 Training Program in Cell Biology: Mechanistic, Interdisciplinary Studies of Biological Systems. MiBio will provide enriching training experiences including a cross-campus curated seminar club, a retreat, a symposium, IDP-check-up mentoring, and an interactive Ask-an-Expert platform.

Kenan Fellow welcomed to aMDX lab

Anna Glasgow, who teaches middle school science in Carrboro, NC, was awarded a Kenan Fellowship from the Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership. Amy’s NSF grant supports the selection and hosting of one fellow each summer. During her 3 weeks in the lab, Anna will learn about the use of C. elegans as a model animal for cell and developmental studies. Hands on experience with worms and the biology of asymmetric cell divisions and cell differentiation will help Anna integrate these concepts with her curriculum on cell division and cancer.


Amy and Paul set up summer lab in Woods Hole

Paul was awarded a prestigious Whitman Fellowship by the Marine Biological Labs. We will spend the summer comparing and innovating different light imaging modalities, peering at new and familiar animal samples, and hearing about the hottest ongoing research from other visiting scientists at this science utopia on the southern tip of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod.

Congratulations and thank you, to the undergrads!

So many awesome undergrads were associated with the MDX labs the past semester, it took us two evenings to celebrate them all. Some graduated UNC the other day; others will be back for more high quality research. Thanks, Sean, Cole, Ricky and Ethan! (Nick, Adam, Connie, Becca, Shilpa, Jake, Young and Kishan not pictured here.)

undergrad happy hour May 2017